Electronic Instrument Services
Department of Chemistry

The Electronic Instrument Services (EIS) group provides instrumentation expertise to the Department of Chemistry and the whole Indiana University community. A wide variety of services is available and includes: consultation, design, fabrication, modification, construction, and repair services of chemical and electronic instrumentation. The EIS group consists of three electronics design engineers, a technician and a manager. The EIS group has developed considerable expertise in analog and digital signal systems, DC to subnanosecond signal conditioning, low noise amplifiers, high-voltage systems and pulsers, electrochemical instrumentation, temperature control, light-path apparatus, chemical transducers, optoelectronic transducers and chromatography detectors.

Adjacent to the large room housing most of the construction and test equipment, there is a Student Electronics Shop. Individual instruction and bench space are available to students and researchers who are interested in designing, building, or repairing their own equipment. A comprehensive collection of electronic components and specification sheets are available to aid researchers in their own projects. Short-term loans of test equipment are encouraged to allow researchers investigation of different ideas.

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